Content development by Nwancho Uchechi Ann (aka UC Ann)



The basis of my contents is search engine optimisation (SEO). There’s actually no point to it if no one gets to read an article that has been beautifully written, or if it is read by people that will bring no business leads. That is why I take my time to research on the subject matter, as well as the relevant keywords that will make my contents rich, engaging, and reachable to the right audience.

Also, it is pointless to write an article that is heavily infested with keywords but brings about little or no communication to the reader. I use keywords in my works just like icing is used on a cake. As necessary as they may be, they are not the main content of the work – even google and other search engines hate it. Too much of it devalues a content.

With my skills in SEO coupled with deep rooted research and studies, you are sure to get quality contents that can drive your business to the right audience at all times. Feel free to get in touch with me so we can talk business.

Some of the services I offer are


Every business has a certain objective in mind. Taking advantage of the internet in executing a business objective is by far one of the most effective ways to really execute a business objective. According to research, crafting intelligent content for your online business delivers more than 30% new business leads compare to traditional offline marketing. More and more consumers are beginning to rely on the internet for any and everything, and any business that is not properly represented online is, to the consumers, below standard.

You can hire me to develop contents geared towards executing your business strategy. All you have to do is share your business strategy with me, and it will be my utmost pleasure to develop the right contents for you.


To successfully maintain an online presence that can result to sales, you need to constantly send out newsletters to your current and prospective clients – it is actually a big deal, and I will tell you why in a bit. Newsletters are very viable for promoting your business and generating excellent leads IF you send them out as often as possible, and on a regular interval too. A study carried out on half a billion shopping experiences shows that sending newsletters through emails produce better results compared to search and social media combines – big deal, really. Also, the Direct Marketing Association categorically stated that every $1 spent on email marketing generates an RIO of AT LEAST $38; that is 3800%. It is definitely a big deal if you can convert $1 to $38 by email marketing.

As you can see (and I repeat), email marketing is a big deal, and that is why you cannot just put out any content out there in the name of newsletters. It can only work well when done right, get in touch with me and I will do it righgt for you.


People are more apt to believe anyone that has an original though about a particular issue. As an authority in your field, it is definitely tedious to have to answer the same questions over and over again. You can save the time by creating an ebook or an ecourse, and refer people to it accordingly. With an ebook or ecourse, it is easier to put your thoughts together in a way that can address issues of your target audience.

Share your goals, strategies, and thoughts with me, and I’ll put it in an ebook or ecourse format for you.


This service is best for people who know what they want written but do not have to time or flair to put them down. I am willing to develop content for you in this capacity – which means I will have to give up all credit to the work – that’s okay. You do not have to worry about the quality of the content because once I have agreed to a work, I give in my very all or nothing.


What you do needs to be blogged about as often as possible if you want to enjoy results that are 13 times better that your counterparts who do not take blogging seriously. A few blogs per month, and you will experience significant boost in your business. It will also make you an influencer in your field; people will readily believe what you have to say. That is why the issue of blogging is particularly sensitive. It needs to be well researched, well written, and up to date – I’ll give you nothing less.

If you want me to write for you in the capacity I have mentioned above and a lot more, please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you in no time. Any enquiries and suggestions are welcomed as well.