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It is crazy to think that a person that has a burning passion for writing finds it difficult to make a stable career out of it. The reason is not farfetched; the world is filled with people that practically leave their home on a daily basis to their place of work.
There at their place of work, they put in work, they have colleagues that they interact with from time to time for support/entertainment, and they get to move around from one place to the other feeling like they are relevant to a course. Considering all these, a freelance writer may feel stuck at home all day, alone, probably bored, and experiencing some writing block slash dry spell. This can be very discouraging, and care needs to be taken in such times to avoid having a distorted state of mind about being a professional writer.

So, what do you do when you feel like you made a mistake by choosing to be a professional freelance writer?


Everybody goes through a period of doubt every now and then as a result of one thing or the other that may not even be career related. So, do not make the mistake of thinking your career as a freelance writer is specifically cursed. You have to know this even before you set out as a writer, and expect it to come as you proceed. When doubt sets in, this knowledge will help you understand that it is not a big deal, such is life, and everyone experiences it, especially when they are still new in the field. Don’t beat yourself too much about it.


All work and no play will make you dull. To a lot of people, lack of belief in their career as a freelance writer stems from over working themselves with little or no time away from work to refresh and rejuvenate. They feel the need to be online all the time to promptly answer to clients that may be checking in on them; or to grab more work from prospective ones that may have new project offers for them – and they think it is good work ethics, but it is not. You have to take good care of yourself mentally, physically, and every other way possible if you must make a flourishing career as a freelance writer. Take some time to go outside and admire nature (works all the time when I am having a writer’s block), go to the gym frequently and do some work out, hang out with friends for fun, or anything at all that will take you out of your writing world for a while. When you’re back from the break, try to write again and see if you still feel doubtful about it. I guess not; rather, you will be full of life and new ideas.


Sometimes, taking a break of about ten minutes to one day does not cut it. If you still feel distracted at work, and doubtful about being a writer, then the next thing to do will be to take a bigger break; at least three days. Within that time, try not to worry about work or any other thing, and take in as much fresh air as possible. Eat well, work out, visit friends and families, and take quality bed rest also. You can also take up a little project you can start and complete within the time of the break. For instance, I plan to take up some form of humanitarian project where I will teach children about writing, give them some sort of writing test, and give out prices to the best of them. I’m sure I will get fulfillment from that.


You probably conceived the idea to be a freelance writer in your own quiet time, learnt some stuff online, and went ahead to start your writing business. That was the case with me, and it can feel a bit lonely. There may be a lot of people around you in your time of doubt, but they may not understand you when you tell them you are having a difficult time as a professional writer, who is always at home and pressing a laptop. It may not sound to them like you have a job. That is why you need to associate with other writers who can help you out such time. Read some inspiration blog posts and testimonies of other writer, but try to make some physical contact with the ones in you locality.


Writing is not for the faint at heart. You have to be willing to put in real hard and smart work to make it worthwhile. There is need for discipline, consistency, and persistence in this line of work. Make sure to keep an open mind too so that you can learn more and always improve your writing skills and portfolio.

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