Content development by Nwancho Uchechi Ann (aka UC Ann)


Hi, I am Uchechi Nwancho, a.k.a UC. I am freelance writer based in Nigeria, and I run writemetics.com. Writematics.com serves mainly as a platform for me to get myself out there for people to see and appreciate. I am specialized in creating SEO oriented contents, which is a viable way to market goods and services online today.

It is not surprising that I find myself in this line of work as a professional freelance writer because I’ve always had a thing for writing from as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest childhood memories include trying to write books, usually triggered by a bunch of things like
– a book I read
– a movie I watched
– a simple though
– an experience
– a feeling (which usually serves as a closure to me, or gets me into trouble at times)

I’ve worked as a freelance writer since 2016, just after I took a break from active teaching; and I have managed to learn a thing or two in the process. Naturally, I was fascinated to learn that I can get paid for doing what I love, but I also discovered that my passion for writing and my formal educational background may not be enough to keep me relevant as a content developer. I had to do something, so I quickly learnt about SEO, and how to carry out extensive research about any topic at all, among other things. This has helped me to produce relevant content in just about any niche.

Back then, when I will write just about anything, I got a contract with a finance company to develop contents in the finance niche as a ghostwriter. The contract lasted for quite a long time, and I learnt a lot of things about the finance niche while working with them. I even went ahead to practice some of the things I learnt, and they sure worked out as expected. That was how I got started with the finance niche. Over the years, I have been able to develop presentable contents on topics related to finance, as well as other niches like law, real estate, and health.

Generally, I am of the belief that I (or anyone) can do whatever I set my mind on, be it short or long term projects. This belief and my flair for writing are two factors that has helped me through rough times as a writer, and in my ability to create just about anything. I carry out relevant research and studies, and then create engaging contents from my results.

Get in touch with me on my CONTACT PAGE if you’ll like me to develop contents that can drive your business or service to the right audience online.